Clovis is a young man who returns to his village only to find it on fire. He spots his sister Elena Barclay, but she has been burned by the Dragon Rage's fire. He takes the sword Azos, that has been dropped by a nearby slain Unnamed Dragon Valor. He then goes of to avenge his sister. He ends up slaying two dragons, "Rage" and "Titan".


Clovis has red eyes and spiky white hair.

In the Prologue he wears a brown leather jacket a red shirt and grey pants. His outfit is appears to be that of a normal citizens with no armour or shield.

In Chapter 1 he wears two armour spaulders (shoulder armour) a padded red vest with two grey straps. His belt is brown with a metal buckle which goes over his brown pants. He has red shoes a brown gloves, with his right glove covered by a big steel bracelet. He also now wields a square shield, it's black with a silver trim and emblem on the front.

During Chapter 2 while playing as his son Kodel Barclay, Clovis is now old with a long white ponytail hanging behind his neck. he appears bigger and more muscular, he wears a red metal breastplate armour with similar armour spaulders to the ones he wears in Chapter 1, his pants are now black with red flame patterns on them aswell as red metal boots and gloves, He no longer wields Azos or a square shield and now holds a new blade that is dark grey with three metallic spikes on one side.