Volef, originally introduced as Black Knight. Volef is one of the main protagonists of Chapter 1 and tries to eliminate Clovis Barclay. When Volef is defeated by Clovis he retreats to the dragon Titan and asks for more power so he can defeat the Dragon Valor. A revived Volef then awaits Clovis's arrival but is defeated once again. A second time he returns to the dragon for more power but the dragon sees through his requests and kills him there.


When Volef is first seen he is wearing black metal armour over his whole body, with a few purple trimmings and a black hood that fits tightly around his head. His weapon is a purple spike that appears attached to his right arm.

After receiving more power from the dragon Volef returns with similar black armour but the purple trimming is now yellow as well as a yellow breast plate, aswell as more silver metal. His purple spike is replaced with a metal claw coloured yellow.

Volef Comparison

Volef (Left) with his purple armour, Volef Revived (Right) with his upgraded yellow armour.